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Welcome to the newsletter page! This is where I’ll keep you up to date on all the happenings related to the Rethinking Scripture family of projects. It’s a dynamic page that will be periodically updated (Last update 4/6/23).

Feb 2024 Trip to Israel!

You are invited to travel with John H. Walton (and Greg) to the land of Israel. A trip like this will completely change the way you read the Bible.  See the FULL ITINERARY HERE.

$4,847 from Portland, OR
$4697 from Chicago, IL
$50 Early Bird Discount for reservations made prior to June 30, 2023. This price includes everything except daily lunches and all those souvenirs you’ll want to buy.

April “Rest Stops”

In April I took a trip to the Chicago/Indianapolis areas.
1. Celebrated Dr. John Walton’s Retirement (Wheaton, Illinois) – John is the well-known Old Testament scholar who helped edit my book and wrote the “Foreward”. He’s retiring from teaching this year and I visited two of his classes and attended his retirement celebration.

2. Had some Chicago food – delicious!

3. Spoke at a Pastor’s Weekend Retreat for Southwest Indiana District Church of the Nazarene (Nashville, Indiana) – I taught 4 sessions on rest. Here is a link to the weekend’s outline: Ministers and Mates Retreat Page

4. Got to meet the leadership at One Mission Society (OMS) – Greenwood, Indiana
5. Visited the Indianapolis Motor Speedway… and told them to slow down. Also tried to fit into a sample car. Almost didn’t make it back out!

Kindle Version of Rethinking Rest!

Now you can enjoy a less expensive ($9.99) virtual copy of my book on the Kindle, if you’re into that sort of thing 😉
Order On Amazon >>

New “Guest Appearances” Website Pages

I’ve created new pages on and that feature all the conversations I’ve had on other podcasts to promote my book.
You can track all my interviews at:

Will you brainstorm with me some ways I can connect with people you know that might be interested in biblical rest? You might know someone personally… or only “know of someone.” I’m interested in any ideas you have.

Small groups – Sun/Wed Classes at Church – Podcasts you listen to – Book Clubs –
A Small Group of Neighbors in your house – Book Stores – Coffee Shop Discussions – 
People You Met at a Bar!

“WMPTBATTD?” Rest Merchandise
Now Available!

As a Newsletter subscriber, you have access to the new “Rethinking Rest” bracelets and water bottle stickers that are quickly spreading throughout the land! For the cost of the postage, you can fill this year’s plastic Easter Eggs* with the most important question someone can ask. What’s my place to be and thing to do (WMPTBATTD)? *Plastic Easter eggs not included.

Would you consider writing an online review?

Online ratings & reviews of the Rethinking Scripture podcast and Rethinking Rest book are important to help others connect with the content. Reviews don’t have to be long… just truthful and honest. If you can string three or four sentences together… you can write a review! You can even reuse one review on multiple sites.
If you can click on your screen… you can give a “rating”.
Even it it’s not something you normally do… please consider helping me out.

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Remembering Dr. Michael S. Heiser

In February, a well-respected American theologian lost his battle with cancer. On Feb 15, 2023 he turned 60, and five days later he transitioned to experience the unseen realm he wrote so much about. If you’re not familiar with Dr. Heiser’s work… consider reading my blog post or listening to Episode 70 – Remembering Michael Heiser.

Other Rethinking Projects

  1. The Rethinking Babel project –
  2. The Rethinking Eden Project –
  3. The Rethinking Conversion Project –

I’ve started building websites for my other Rethinking Projects! There’s not much content yet, but the process has begun and I’ll be blogging on each of these to improve my Search Engine Optimization (SEO) performance.

And soon I’ll  be adding a website that will introduce my next book project, Rethinking Advent! It will be a children’s picture book that tells a more accurate version of the Christmas story. I’ll be correcting some mistakes we commonly make, adding the parts we never talk about, and all of it will eventually link to the website where my outlandish claims will be backed-up with the scholarly research. 

A “Rest Encounter” at Starbucks

On Jan 31st, I scheduled two consecutive meetings with friends in town. First, I met Mark at Panera for lunch and I took him a copy of my book. He left the book laying on our table when we went to pick up our food… and It was still there when we got back! Mark and I had a really good visit.

After lunch, I drove 1/2 mile to my second meeting at Starbucks to meet with an old high school friend, Dean. I arrived a little early (with a another copy of the book in hand), ordered a coffee, and waited at a table. That’s when a woman walked by, looked right at the book and said, “I just Googled that book! Is it good? Have you read it?”

I smiled and said, “I think it’s a really good book. And I’ve not only read it… I wrote it!”

We had a quick laugh and introduced ourselves. Patty, who is an author herself, explained she had just been over at Panera having lunch and saw a copy of that same book on one of the tables. So she looked it up, found it’s page on the site, and read some of the reviews. She was going to order a copy later that day.

So, I walked to my truck, got her a copy, and was signing it when Dean arrived.

That’s all for now… I’ll be updating this page when something new happens. And you’ll receive “Newsletter Emails” every so often to remind you I still exist! – Greg