Rethinking Eden

Rethinking Eden is one of the Rethinking Scripture Projects

Each of these projects examine familiar New Testament topics from a broad “thematic theology” perspective. What’s thematic theology? The story of the Bible always comes to rest back in the garden of Eden. That’s where, before the fall, everything was in its God-given place to be and doing its God-given thing to do. The biblical story leads to Christ because of the events in Eden. Understanding Eden gives every other story its proper context. 

The New Testament stories have been intentionally hitched to the Old, and the biblical authors expected their readers to understand these connections. The RethinkingScripture Projects allow us to better understand not only who we are, but where we’ve been… and what lies ahead.

Rethinking Eden – All the major biblical themes begin in Eden. It’s where the creation first functioned properly under God’s rule. And it’s the place, thematically preserved for all time, where God’s rule remains unhindered. Temples remind us of Eden. The New Creation (Revelation 21-22), is a fully-developed picture of the plan that began in the garden. More information coming soon at:

Want to know more? Listen to a podcast episode where I discuss this project in a little more detail.

Other Rethinking Scripture projects include: 

Rethinking Rest – This is the first of the RethinkingScripture projects. It’s a fully developed seven-week study on biblical rest. Find out more at

Rethinking Babel – This Rethinking Babel Project uncovers the biblical theology of the use of language. From Eden (Genesis 2), to the tower of Babel (Genesis 11) , to Pentecost (Acts 2), and the New Jerusalem (Revelation 21-22), God has used language to help reveal His plan for creation. I’ve outlined some of my ideas in the The Rethinking Babel Project blog post. This study will help to unpack the sometimes confusing circumstances of Pentecost (Acts 2) and gives further perspective to understand the New Jerusalem (Revelation 21-22). More information coming soon at:

Rethinking Conversion – The project examines what most readers assume are New Testament “conversions” (from unfaith to faith). But a closer examination may reveal most of these interactions are not what we have been told. The process of transferring a faithful remnant of God to faith Jesus the Christ has been ignored by our theology, but not the New Testament authors. They describe many “faith” to “faith” transitions, and the “faithful remnant” is an Old Testament idea with direct ties to Eden. This Rethinking Scripture project completely changes the way you read the New Testament. It may also change the way we approach evangelism in our era.

Rethinking Scripture – The nerve center of all the Rethinking Scripture projects is the hub. It’s an interaction with everyone from theologians, scholars, and internet-know-it-alls (like myself), to everyday believers. Join me in examining the paths others have taken which allow them to rethink what Scripture has to say… and what difference it makes in the real world of faith.