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Dr. John H. Walton and Gregory Hall are heading to Israel! Just a few spots left!
Dr. Walton is a leading Old Testament scholar/author with a focus on Ancient Near Eastern studies. His work has contributed greatly to how people understand the ancient context of the biblical world. Spots are limited.

Have you ever wanted to visit the land of the Bible?
Check out all the details on the ISRAEL TRIP INFORMATION PAGE.

I’m Greg Hall and you’ve landed at the “Rethinking Scripture” website where we like to rethink what we thought we already knew about the Bible.

The Rethinking Scripture books, podcast, projects, and studies are all designed to introduce you to new insights in biblical theology.

The Launch Party for, Rethinking Rest was in February. I signed books, read excerpts, and told stories about how it all came together.

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“Hall provides a wonderful exploration of a question at the heart of the biblical story—what does it look like for the world, and humanity, to be at rest?”

Jon Collins, Cofounder BibleProject
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“If Christians can absorb Hall’s ideas and put them into practice, they will find themselves freed from the tyranny that their presuppositions have imposed on them.
(From the forward; Rethinking Rest)

JOHN H. WALTON, Author/Ot Scholar

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  • Ancient Perspectives on the “Image of God”
    The concept of the “image of God” has been interpreted and understood differently across various ancient perspectives and religious traditions. Here are just some examples of ancient perspectives on the “image of God” from different cultural and religious contexts: S. Joshua Swamidass, a Christian theologian and scientist, suggests that the concept of being made in … Read more
  • Understanding Cultic Calendars: Its Relationship to the Christian Calendar
    Cultic calendars, also known as religious calendars, are calendars that are based on the religious or spiritual beliefs and practices of a particular culture or group. These calendars are often used to mark important religious observances, festivals, and events, and to regulate the timing of religious rituals and ceremonies. Cultic calendars can vary widely in … Read more
  • “Unpacking the Negative Impact of Religious False Dilemmas: Lessons from Jesus and Today”
    Religious false dichotomies are often presented as binary choices, forcing individuals to choose between two options that are presented as mutually exclusive, when in reality there may be more nuanced and complex options available. On episode 72 of the Rethinking Scripture podcast, we discuss just some of the ways you may unknowingly be influenced by … Read more
  • Remembering Michael Heiser and His Unseen Realm
    In episode 70 of the Rethinking Scripture Podcast. I take the whole episode to memorialize the passing of the theologian and scholar, Dr. Michael S. Heiser. In 2020, Heiser was diagnosed with an aggressive case of Pancreatic cancer. On Feb 15, 2023 he turned 60, and five days later he transitioned to experience the unseen … Read more
  • Why “Rethinking Rest” Offers a Unique Sabbath Perspective
    Have you abandoned the sabbath? Do you feel disenfranchised with the practices of the modern Church? Are you willing to rethink what you thought you already knew? “Rethinking Rest: Why Our Approach to Sabbath Isn’t Working” will challenge you to expand your scope and reengage the topic in new ways. Its simple practicality is a breath of fresh air for what has become a stagnant discussion along party lines. Continue reading
  • The Rethinking Babel Project
    The modern understanding and practical applications attributed to the spiritual gifts are diverse. Specifically, the gift of tongues can be a hotly debated topic. Like most people in the church today, I’ve often questioned whether I’ve really understood the whole of the Biblical teaching on this topic. Below is a link to a working hypothesis. … Read more
  • The Use of Water and Spirit in John’s Gospel
    There’s a water theme in the book of John. Have you noticed? Continue reading
  • You Can’t Judge a Book by Its Cover… (John 4)
    The contents of a book can often be surprising. People can be like that too. Continue reading
  • The Curious Case of Nick at Night (John 3)
    Let’s consider Nicodemus in a new light. Continue reading

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“Many teachers write about sabbath today,
but “Rethinking Rest” stands alone as truly unique
in its approach and application.”

Chip Bennett, Lead Pastor
Grace Community Church, Sarasota, Florida